Firmware Update instructions for X7 and X9 processors and XR-4/6/8 receivers –using a USB drive.

Firmware Update instructions for X7 and X9 processors and XR-4/6/8 receivers –using a USB drive.

Concert XR-4/6/8, XR-6S, and XR-8S receivers and Maestro X7/X9 and X7S/X9S processors: firmware update instructions 

Download Links:
  1. 4K XR-4, XR-6, XR-8

    4K X7, X9
    8K XR-6S, XR-8S
    8K X7S, X9S

Important Notes – Please read before beginning the update

Firmware version
If your Concert XR-4/6/8 or Maestro X7/X9 is on firmware version 1.29 or earlier, follow the instructions in the article here:
You can also AudioControl technical support for assistance with updating the firmware. Our technical support team is available Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm PST. 425-775-8461.
Setup menu navigation

Use the front panel Input + [up arrow], Input – [down arrow], Info [left arrow] and Mode [right arrow] buttons to navigate to the various menu options. To select a menu setting press the front panel Select button. Press the Menu button anytime to exit the menu screens. Settings will be saved automatically.

To check the current firmware version of your receiver or processor

Press and hold the front panel INFO and DIRECT buttons together for approximately 5 seconds. The firmware version will be displayed as a HOST/IAP number, for example 1.55/09. The first number is the firmware version.

Dirac files

Dirac calibration files are now saved as part of the Store Secure Backup function. However, make sure you have access to the Dirac calibration file you created when you were logged into your Dirac account in case you need to export it back to the receiver/processor once the firmware update has completed.

Static IP address information

Also be sure to note any Static IP address information that you have set as the values may need to be reentered after the update.

Store Secure Backup of the receiver or processor settings

  1. Press and hold the MENU button on the front panel for approximately 5 seconds, the engineering menu will be displayed
  2. Navigate to and select Store Secure Backup
  3. Select Enter Pin, the default pin is 0000 and should already be populated in this menu option, press Select
  4. The front panel display should show a “backup successful” message. Make sure you see that message displayed before you proceed with the firmware update.
  5. Press Menu to exit the engineering menu

USB drive formatting

Format the USB drive to Windows FAT32. Avoid using very large USB drives like 64 or 128GB as these larger drives cannot be formatted to FAT32, they can only be formatted to exFAT. If you recently received your X/XR unit there should be a pre-formatted USB drive included for doing updates.

Update Instructions

Step 1 – Power on the processor or receiver

Make sure the front panel power button on the receiver or processor is pressed in. When the receiver is in standby mode you can turn the volume knob to wake it up or use the power button on the AudioControl remote control – press the AMP button first then the red power button at the top left of the remote.

Step 2 – Download firmware files

Download the firmware Zip file from the respective Concert XR 4/6/8 receiver or Maestro X7/X9 product pages on the AudioControl website (Downloads section) and save it to the Downloads folder on the computer. Check the downloads section on your product's webpage for the latest firmware.

Step 3 – Load files onto the USB drive

  1. Be sure there are no other files or previous versions of the firmware on the USB drive!
  2. Open the Zip folder and copy the AVRx0_System 1vxx (AudioControl).fw file and the image.swu file onto the USB drive. Do not copy the entire folder containing the files onto the USB drive, copy only the two files!
  3. Once the copy is complete, right click on the USB drive icon in File Explorer or Finder and select Eject Remove the drive from the computer and plug it into the USB port on the back of the receiver or processor
Step 4 – Start the Update

  1. Press the front panel INFO and DISPLAY buttons together for approximately 5 seconds. The update process will start automatically and will take about 30 minutes
  2. On the front panel display you will see several updates happening: NET, OSD, DSP1/2, DAB, LCD, and MCU
  3. When the update is done the front panel will display a message indicating “Update Complete, settings need to be reset, press OK (Select) to continue”. Press Select, the unit will power off
  4. Give the volume knob a turn to restart the unit, the front panel will display “System starting” and “Net starting” for several seconds
  5. Once the unit is rebooted you are ready to move on to the next step 

Step 5 – Verify firmware version is correct

  1. After rebooting, press and hold the front panel Menu button to enter the engineering menu and verify that the unit has been updated to the latest firmware
  2. Once in the engineering menu scroll down until you see the HOST/IAP number and verify it indicates the version you are updating to, for example v1.55/09
  3. Also check the other firmware segments listed below the HOST number – OSD, DSP 1 & 2, NET, etc. and verify that each of these segments has a version number listed, you don’t want to see any blanks or all zeros where a version number should be

Step 6 – Factory defaults

  1. Once the firmware version is confirmed, you can scroll back up to the top of the engineering menu or, if you exited the engineering menu press and hold the Menu button again for approximately 4 seconds
  2. Select Reset to Factory Defaults
  3. You will be prompted to select the Direct button on the front panel to confirm the reset
  4. The unit will power off after resetting, turn the volume knob to reboot

Step 7 – Restore saved settings and confirm Room EQ (Dirac) setting

To restore saved settings:

  1. Press and hold the front panel Menu button until the engineering menu is displayed Navigate to and select Restore Secure Backup
  2. You will be prompted with a warning message about restoring settings
  3. Select the Direct button to continue and complete the process of restoring your settings
If you had previously loaded a Dirac Live calibration file:

  1. Press the front panel Menu button
  2. Select Input Config
  3. Select the input that you want to check
  4. Scroll down to the Room EQ (Dirac) setting and make sure it is populated with the Dirac file name you previously loaded. Do this for each input you are using.
If you need assistance with firmware updates, please contact our technical support team at 425-775-8461. We ask that you have TeamViewer loaded on your computer in case we need to remote in for assistance.
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